Thypunzel, The Dragon

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Dear Thyroid,

What’s the latest with you besides being a lazy ass? You know it’s 2AM and because you’re winning, I’m still awake. Not because I’m cramming for a test, or I was out with friends or a boyfriend, for that matter, probably your fat ass looks just as big as my 38D boobs, protruding from my throat. But hey I’m a regular fairytale princess. I’m a regular sleeping beauty. I had to cut my hair, hair that used to go all the way to the middle of my back, like Rapunzel because of the heat.

I’m in a dragon-guarded castle and you are the dragon. I’m just waiting for my knight in shining armor — that’s all I can do is live in this waiting game, in the “waiting place”.  Sometimes I even feel like Fiona locked away in a tower for no one to see. And I have to tell you, it’s not all your fault, they won’t see me. This makes you happy? My birthday is in January, it’s not like I’m getting any younger or healthier, for that matter.

My body aches, my head aches, and my throat aches. I want you to let someone save me from your dragon thyriody self, could you let that happen, please? I want to dance at homecoming. I want my feet and hands to be warm, and not asleep. I want to experience this year and not be stuck at home watching the soap network, instead of at the game.

I feel locked in the highest tower and no one can help because no one knows how to slay the dragon. I can keep myself in check. I can eat right, but you keep fighting back, I guess you are just as stubborn as me.

‘Till Later,


(Bio) I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s at 15, and now 17 and starting my senior year of high school. Even though I struggle, like most, I am still trying to be a normal teen, I am and writer and editor of my school paper. I hope someday to become an elementary school principle. I also hope for love this year, like most teenage girls, even though my weight changes as much as the shoes I wear, my greatest wish is to go though and entire day without a nap.


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9 responses to “Thypunzel, The Dragon

  1. You may be a princess held hostage by your thyroid–BUT YOU’RE STILL A PRINCESS! Focus on the positive! 😉 Oh wait, you’re a princess with 38D boobs. Sigh. I’m an old queen (not *that* kind), and have small saggy boobs.
    See, lemonade! You are a fabulous writer, love your letter.

  2. Ohh a good ol’ Dragon Slayin’ I am going to get my sword.

    Maddi, I cannot imagine having this disease and being a teenager with things to do and places to go. I wish you the best. Try to enjoy your Senior year as it goes by very fast. 🙂

    • dearthyroid

      Good advice Jody — try to focus on it as least as possible… that way, you can try to really enjoy your last year in high school before you to go college. College is a whole other world. 🙂

  3. amy

    Maddi, Let this empower you not imprison you! I know, sometimes that is really hard. It is for me! I was diagnosed at 25 not as a teen. And I though that was young. Fiona gets her true love at the end. If I may, Love starts with loving yourself! By the way, I was a 36D in high school…know what that feels like! Blessings to you Princess Maddi! Amy

    • dearthyroid

      OOOHH Good one Amy! Love starts with loving yourself. And the trick is to love yourself no matter what problems we think we have or what obstacles we really face.

  4. BEE

    It will not mean much to you now, but I felt quite similar about my high school experience and I didn’t have thyroid disease yet. So, even tho your illlness is exacerbating those feelings, they are probably more universal than you think. And those feelings are timeless…I’m old enough to be your G’ma ( a very young one by the way…) and I UNDERSTAND. If someone had said those words to me at your age I might have not felt so “unique”.
    You write beautifully. You will get thru this. Life will be good. You will achieve your dreams.

    • dearthyroid

      Good point Bee — it’s easy to feel weird, different, left out. Hell, I’ve been experiencing that most of my life, and like you said, it had nothing at the time to do with thyroid disease.

  5. Lolly


    Your write so well for someone so young, and as for the Thyoobs people pay big bucks to look like us well that part anyway, I’m sure they wouldn’t want all the other shit that goes with it.
    They make great weapons. Hey Mr Endo listen to me or I’m gonna box you round the ears kind of weapon.

    Things will improve even though it may not seem so right now, you got your whole life ahead of you, you either got to learn to live with this damn disease or let it get the better of you and I’m sure you’re not going to let it do that.

    Rest when you can, listen to your body I don;t feel guilty about napping in the afternoon anymore.

    I’m still burning the candles at both ends but know when I have to catch up on sleep deprivation. I see no point going to bed only to lie there listening to every fooking sound at 1-2 am in the morning and thinking if that fooking bird sings one more time I’m gonna open my window and Holler, “do you know what the fooking time is? some people are trying to get some sleep and I ain’t one of them so keep on chirping baby cus if I can’t sleep I don’t know why any other fooker should”… excuse the french I feel like Thyranting.

    big hugs cus I feel like giving you one.

    Lolly having a thyitching thyme.

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